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I am Jang Yong Seok, CEO of JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group.

JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group has established its position as the top expert group in Korean real estate TV broadcasting. We also produce and appear in SBS CNBC broadcasts, which have the highest ratings and reputation among real estate TV broadcasts, as well as many other programs.

JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group is also a company that can be highly-recognized and reliable by providing investment seminars, lectures for department store VIP, hotel lectures, and finance & insurance customer care.

We engage in the field of real estate and are always preparing for a new tomorrow with the belief that sales of real estate products are selling trust to our customers.

JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group’s elite members full of challenges and spirit have accumulated a lot of accomplishments, with sincerity as our top priority, based on our long experience.

We consider customer satisfaction first while shaping the future, and this is surely a driving force of our growth.

JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group, which boasts of strong manpower thinking ahead, make our best efforts to be your perfect partner for your successful business.

We sincerely wish your prosperity, asking for your continued advice and opinion.

Thank you.

CEO Jang Yong Seok



Launched a real estate entertainment broadcast, 'SBSCNBC Real Estate Samkukji(Three Kingdoms)'
Held the 3rd SBSCNBC Real Estate Forum
Established JANGDAEJANG Media & Real Estate Research Institute


Held the 2nd SBSCNBC Real Estate Forum
Held the 1st SBSCNBC Real Estate Forum
'SBSCNBC Booth' (Real Estate Story)
Opened real-time internet live broadcasting (first in Korea)
Established JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group


Signed a MOU with Chinese Real Estate Evergreen Business in December
Launched ‘SBSCNBC Real Estate Investors', new construction·remodeling business


Incorporated JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Partners


Held department store, hotel and corporate seminars, and investment lectures
Recruited brach network members in the nation
Incorporated JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group, a general real estate company
Operated 'SBSCNBC Real Estate Catch-up'


Signed an agreement with The Asia Business Daily Pax TV broadcasting


Established JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Brokerage, JD asset management


Established JANGDAEJANG Land Investment Research Institute


Signed a contract with Tomato TV and RTN broadcasting


Established JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Research Institute

Vision · Philosophy

"We have followed only one path,
real estate with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning."

We will do our best to create the best result considering customer satisfaction first, based on the advanced service and consulting. We will maximize future value based on extensive sales experience and know-how in order to maximize optimal marketing ability and profit generation, thereby creating successful partnership.

Customer Customer JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group that customers trust
JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group producing best results with the efforts and enthusiasm of outstanding professionals, while being recognized by customers as best
Investor Investor JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group which is most attractive to investors
JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group recognized by investors as a company with attractive value due to high return on investment
Manpower Manpower Jean Daejang Real Estate Group where people dream of working
JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group, the best group where best people can work with a sense of ownership
Competitor Competitor JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group which its competitors are afraid of but admire
JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group creating excellent results through first-class management, which its competitors are afraid of but admire

Business Area

“We, JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group,
are an advanced comprehensive real estate company”.

Produce and host real estate TV programs

  • Produce and host SBS CNBC program "Real Estate Catch-up"

  • Produce and host SBS CNBC program "Real Estate Investors"

  • Produce and host SBS CNBC program "Real Estate Samgukji
    (Three Kingdoms)"

  • Produce and host E Daily TV program "Real Estate Plus"

  • A fixed panelist on SBS Economy & Life program
    “Real Estate Catch-up”

  • A fixed panelist on MBN program "Golden Egg"

Real estate marketing(sales agency) business

  • Investment lectures for department stores and hotels

  • Corporate lecture seminars on investment and economy

  • Real estate fair in progress

Lectures and seminars on real estate

  • Sale and lease of apartment house (apartment, villa, house, etc.)

  • Apartment house lease management and residence promotion

  • Sale and lease of commercial and business facilities

  • Sale and lease of industrial facilities such as apartment type factory

  • Real estate buying and selling agency

Real estate development project

  • Apartment house development project

  • Commercial and business facilities development project

  • Landowner joint project

  • Execution agency project (PM, CM)

Real Estate Marketing & Service

"Unmatched know-how, differentiated strategies,
and bold bid for victory enable us to have reputation in the real estate market."

1. Collect opinions from business entities 1. Collect opinions from business entities 1) Business strategy understanding
2) Work scope setting
3) Project team organization
2. Analyze business environment 2. Analyze business environment 1) Location- Market environment analysis
2) Supply and demand trend analysis
3) Demand forecast
4) Benchmarking and product proposal
3. Establish marketing 3. Establish marketing 1) Establish a marketing strategy
2) Establish an advertising and PR strategy
3) Demand survey and analysis
4) Target setting and classification
5) Analysis of competitive environment, and establishment of response strategy
4. Start marketing 4. Start marketing 1) Real estate TV broadcasting
2) Internet advertising
3) Viral marketing
4) Utilization of branch offices
5) Network sale sharing
5. Sale marketing 5. Sale marketing 1) Opening of sales office
2) Marketing activities (TV, Internet, newspapers, etc.)
3) Market preemption and position securing
4) Maximization of sales rate
5) Promotion planning and personnel setting
6. Post-marketing 1) Operation of an unsold housing team
2) Man-to-man sales
3) Residence management and lease management
4) Residence promotion team operation
5) Early collection of the balance

Asset Management

"JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group satisfies both safety and profit with its long know-how and scientific and systematic management technique"

1. Asset Management Service 1. Asset Management Service 1) Operation planning, establishment and operation
2) Lease management
3) Legal, tax, and administrative tasks
4) Financing consulting
5) Asset management consulting
2. Investment Advisory Service 2. Investment Advisory Service 1) Real estate purchase/sale consulting and agency
2) Investment consulting and agency
3. Lease services 3. Lease services 1) Leasing agency
2) Maintain rental market price and value increase
3) Organize MD and nurture business
4. Facilities Recycling 4. Facilities Recycling 1) Establish a plan to increase the optimum value
2) Business analysis
3) Legal affairs, taxation, rental affairs
4) Design and construction management
5) Facilities management and operation
5. Project management (PM) 5. Project management (PM) 1) Business planning and survey analysis
2) Establish an optimal development plan
3) Financing and financial advisory
4) Usage inspection and follow-up management
6. Realty banking 1) Advanced investment in real estate (small investment possible)
2) Long-term investment with highly profitable fixed assets
3) Portfolio diversification

Online network

"JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group meets various needs for easy access and various demands through various online content and network."

Naver Band Naver Band JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group
Naver Band Naver Band Korean Real Estate Finance Forum
Naver Band Naver Band JANGDAEJANG Real Estate Group Nationwide Branches

Marketing and customer management


Customer management and marketing through various channels

  • TV broadcasting (SBS CNBC, E Daily TV)

  • Utilization of seminars and lectures to accumulate customer DATABASE

  • Best real estate expert group

  • Internet marketing

  • Sales agency and manpower setting

  • Utilization of national branch network (currently 400 branches)

  • Utilization of public brokerage network

  • Property asset management for hotels, department stores, and VIPs

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